HaloMiner is a woman-owned, environmentally friendly lifestyle brand that uses repurposed materials in our products. Our mission is to handpick raw materials, create timeless designs, and curate our collection so that every item we offer is truly one-of-a-kind.

Using components like salvaged clothing and textile samples, bolt remnants and recycled aluminum, we’ve created a manufacturing process that’s efficient and sustainable.  Our innovative designs are conceived in-house and handmade by a small team of skilled craftspeople in the United States; everything is ethically produced, so you can feel good about what you buy from us. 



We chose the name HaloMiner because it evokes our process of digging up raw elements and transforming them into divine clothing, accessories, and home goods. At HaloMiner, we like to say we “Elevate the Everyday”.  



Cincinnati, Ohio native Pam Fellerhoff founded HaloMiner in 2010. Her background in business, fine art, design and marketing make HaloMiner thrive. Through creative ingenuity she blends singular materials and textures to create pieces that are beautiful, on trend and impeccably made.



As an artist, I want to bring the most beautiful and ingenious designs to the market. As a mother, I want to raise my children on a safe and healthy planet.

One million tons of textile waste is dumped into landfills around the world each year. I think that needs to be changed. At HaloMiner we strive to be an example to our customers and our kids by proving small changes can have a big impact. We not only source recycled castoffs, our creative pattern making utilizes almost all of a chosen material, from the grommets on fabric samples to the sides and hard bottoms of colorful pop cans. As designers, we look at every aspect of an object creatively because we want to be part of a one million ton solution.  

Our method results in very minimal waste. We put thought and care into every step of production so that each HaloMiner piece makes a big impact in the right places: on your wardrobe and in your home, not on the earth.



Today people connect through clicks, swipes and taps but we relish the personal interaction we have with our customers, vendors, craftspeople, friends, and family.  For that reason, HaloMiner offers classes, workshops, and parties throughout the year. We love to share our passion and creativity and believe collaboration enhances results, which is why we also welcome custom projects. 


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